So You Want To Elevate Your Game?

When I was growing up playing basketball all we wanted to do was slam the ball! I remember the freak kids who were dunking in 8th grade and were shorting them me and wanting to know why! I remember barely being able to get the rim, then eventually dunking one of those mini balls with ease.

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Then I remember the day I actually slam dunked a real basketball! It was the summer after my sophomore year. I was helping my coach with a basketball camp and I remember all the middle school kids telling us to dunk it… dunk it… My one buddy Rob could dunk, but alas I could not. They were like c’mon Chris dunk it! So I said why not try and sure enough I went to the hoop and bamm… I dunked it. Everyone went nuts and it was the coolest thing ever. I guess it was the pressure and adrenaline rush of all the kids sitting their watching, but from that day on I knew I could dunk and I would be obsessed with increasing my vertical!

I put together this blog to show tips and tricks on how to hop higher even on day one. I truth there are a lot of mechanics involved, from as simple as what leg are you jumping off of and what hand are you using to dunk. Ways to throw your knee up to give  you more momentum and even tips on how to build hand strength so you can palm a basketball.

Stick around for some awesome free tips on how to get mad hops and slam dunk a basketball!

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Workouts to Help With Your Vertical

The fact is some people can jump high and some can’t naturally. Anyone has the ability to jump higher, but sometimes it can take a lot of work. There are very specific exercisers one must do in order to increase their vertical. True any workouts that involve the legs will get you stronger and help, but there are a handful of exercises that will truly increase your vertical.

There are many home workouts you can do to increase your vertical. The Insanity workout from beach body and Insane home fat loss from Mike Chang are two great workouts that can help with your vertical. Now they are not workouts specifically designed to increase your vertical but they will help.

If you are looking for something to increase your jumping specifically then your best bet is to create your own workout. Be sure to include power moves i.e. squats, dead lift, heavy calf raises. You will want to focus on doing heavy power moves 2 days a week, then the other 2-3 days focus on sprinting and jumping in place to train your fast twitch muscles. You will get stronger from the power moves , but home your speed with the others. If you can do this you will certainly increase your vertical leap.

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Why Jumping Higher is Good for All Sports

If you are wondering why jumping higher is good for all sports, then you must not be a true sports nut! Anyone who has been watching or playing sports for a huge part of their life will know just how important it is for every athlete to jump higher than the competition. This article will demonstrate three scenarios across three different sports that prove the point. It really is true that jumping higher is good for all sports.

The first scenario is going to deal with the sport that most obviously benefits from a high jump: kayaking. Just kidding! That probably got a good laugh from you. The sport that benefits the most is basketball. It’s obvious that being able to jump higher than your competitor really is important. You want to make sure you are able to get to the hoop and prevent him from dunking. Being able to swat the ball from your opponents hand as he heads up for a dunk is the ultimate coup de gras in basketball. But you also need to jump to block many of the other shots and to be able to slam your own dunks. If your opponent can’t jump higher than you, how is he going to block you from bringing the rock?

The sport that doesn’t obviously benefit from this is basketball. Few basketball players wonder why jumping higher is good for all sports, because they rarely need to worry about their vertical leap. But if you are running to catch a ball, and you can leap up to catch it, then it can be pretty easy to do it if you have been working on jumping higher. But if you never focused on this aspect of your training, then you are going to have a bit of a difficult time getting airborne to catch that potential home run. Some of the most amazing moments in baseball took place when an athlete leaped high into the air to catch a ball that was destined for the stands.

Another sport that benefits tremendously from being able to jump higher is American football. This sport is another one that isn’t so obviously benefitted by being able to jump higher in the air. Many people think that you need to be able to run fast, be strong, and throw far. But what if you are running to catch the ball and you need to leap over your opponent to do so? The images that come to mind of football players leaping into the air to catch the ball are some of the grandest we can imagine.

So do you now see why jumping higher is good for all sports? Tennis could even benefit from a better vertical leap – just think about it. Why jumping higher is good for all sports is a question that doesn’t require any debate. A couple moments thinking about it and we are all on the same page. It’s just not something that people seriously wonder about. Why jumping higher is good for all sports is a no brainer.

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We Could All Afford to Jump Higher in Basketball

Have you ever wished you could jump higher in basketball? Seriously, they put that net all the way up there and we’ve got to really reach for it. The only way to do it is to strengthen your legs and be able to jump as high as you can. If it wasn’t so high, we wouldn’t need to worry about it. But it’s up there, and it’s staying up there. It’s not like they’re going to be lowering the height and changing the name to “Waste Basketball” any time soon. So you have got to figure out the best way to jump higher in basketball if you want to keep improving your game. There are a few ways you can do this.

The first is by practicing on the court. You get out there every single day and practice running and jumping to touch the hoop. You will make very slow progress towards jumping higher in basketball, but you will definitely make progress. It may take weeks or even months before you realize that you have made any progress. But one day you will find that you can touch the hoop. That will be a miraculous day, and you will hear the angels sing.

But what if you can already hear the angels sing? What if you need to jump higher in basketball because you need to prevent others from getting to the hoop? The next thing to do is work on the strength of your calves. There are two main ways to improve the strength of your calves, but people aren’t often working on them. Whether you are interested in improving your vertical or not is totally up to you, but if you want to become the best basketball player out there, then start working with these techniques.

Work the calves at the gym. Use the strength training machines and increase the amount of weight you are able to life with your legs. Working constantly towards this improvement will help you increase the strength in your legs without tough impacts. Make sure you are seeing a chiropractor regularly. While they normally only work on your back, many focus on sports too. They can keep you from getting seriously injured while handling all of this training. Don’t wait until the injury is serious and you can no longer work. You want to get started right away.

If you are looking for serious improvements to help you jump higher in basketball, then the hottest thing out there in the professional world today is Strength Shoes. These shoes can help you put some serious inches on top of your jump. Wearing them regularly might seem awkward at first, but once you get used to the staring, it will be fine. If you aren’t comfortable wearing them everywhere, then just wear them on the court. That’s what really matters, anyway. If you have never heard of them, they are special shoes with a raised platform under the toe. They strengthen the calves, which is the key to jumping higher in basketball.

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